One of the marks of the true church is its Worship. We, at Westminster, seek to worship God in ways that are meaningful to the members and visitors of the congregation.

Our Sunday morning service is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements. The music is traditional as the congregation sings Amazing Grace and contemporary when we share in the joy of voices praising God in the lively "Shine, Jesus Shine".

Following a Message for Children, our younger members leave for a Children's Church program where they enjoy crafts, music, and Bible study. The sharing of prayer concerns is also a vital part of our worship experience as we celebrate the connected nature of the body of Christ.

Communion is celebrated eight to ten times a year, with special observances on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter) and Christmas Eve.

Ours is a congregation that laughs together, cries together, prays together, listens together and worships together as a witness to our faithfulness to Jesus Christ.