What To Expect When You Attend Worship

Expect a warm welcome, because we are a friendly group.  Worship here is always informal, but always reverent.  You'll hear the reading of scripture, Bible teaching, and quality music by ensembles , soloists, and our worship band.  Our worship style is a great blend of the traditional and progressive; our people feel free to give glory to God through applause, or to say a hearty "Amen".


We utilize the piano and organ most Sundays, and Westminster has a fine traditional-style choir under the able direction of Mary Beth Winter (who is always looking for new "recruits".  Children's and youth choirs also lead in worship.  We have one of the finest handbells programs to be found anywhere- for both youth and adults- under the direction of Catherine Parker.

Pastor Rick is an able Bible teacher, but is also a lifelong musician and vocalist.  He often uses one of his instruments to deliver a sermon, to lead congregational singing, or to play with one of the praise groups.

BUT WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?  Pastor Rick usually wears a robe and stole in the pulpit, but not always. On any given Sunday, you'll find members dressed in suit/tie, in shorts and flip-flops, and in between. We aren't concerned about what you're wearing, as long as you're “covered”. You're encouraged to “come as you are”.

First-time visitors are never singled out, or put on the spot.  We don't ask you to raise your hand or tell us your name.  We do pass around a pad called the "friendship register", and you can give us as much- or as little- information about yourself as you please.



Westminster Presbyterian wants you to become part of our family. If you want to move forward with joining the family of Westminster, Pastor Rick would love to sit down and talk with you about that next step. As a congregation we promise to love on you, help shape your faith, and support you.