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We as a church family strive to be a joyful community of faith in which persons are nurtured, challenged, and comforted through which Christ takes form in this community and through the world at large.


We're a thriving Presbyterian church in a city teeming with life, and we're united by our Covenant relationship with God and each other. We belong to Jesus Christ, and are committed to sharing His love with others. We believe that all Christians are called to SERVICE. We lovingly and humbly serve the city of Fayetteville, the Cape Fear region, and beyond.


As a part of the body of Christ, Westminster strives to shine the light of the Lord to all who come through our doors as well as though we encounter. We believe that God is gracious, and eager to forgive us when we go wrong. We also pray
for grace to forgive others, when we feel that we've been wronged. We see ourselves as the Body of Christ- His physical presence in the world. We believe that God is Sovereign- that He is absolutely Lord of the Universe, and we want him to be Lord of our lives too.


Being apart of this community for over 50 years, we have developed partnerships with the school systems, local missionaries, and many more. As servants of the Lord, we feel that it is our duty to give back to the community around us and share the love and grace God has for His children. 


Let the family of Westminster help nurture and guide you to the love and life God has laid out for you. 

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