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Youth Ministry

When you go to youth every week you can expect to have a good time and grow in God.

      -Elizabeth Brooke

Youth group is a place I know I can be myself while learning the word of God, and always come out with lasting memories.

      -Ellie Patton

A place where new friendships are made and everybody feels at home.

     - Eva Samuelian

​The Youth Ministry at Westminster is committed to provide opportunities for fellowship, service, worship, and spiritual growth – particularly for 6th-12th graders. We seek to create a ministry integrated with the larger church-family – encouraging participation in all aspects of the life and ministry of this family of faith.


Through mission trips, conferences, retreats, and weekly time together, we will give our youth opportunities to hear the message of God's love, a message that is increasingly needed – and increasingly harder to hear in our modern world.


We believe that our youth serve as models in faith and service for our younger children, their peers, and our older adults. Youth serve Christ and the Kingdom now… not just “in the future” and we praise God for their energy, creativity, curiosity, and honesty. We invite any young person to join us as we seek to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus in this world.

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