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Westminster Elementary Believers

W.E.B is a place for me to learn about God in a fun way.

Trenton Westbrook

 WEB is me is a fun way to learn about God. Here are some ways to think about learning about God; you can read the Bible, or learn with a friend. We also do fun missions like helping the less fortunate.

Elizabeth Brooke

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We seek to help children grow in faith, knowing they are loved and valued by this church-family and especially by God. Standing with families, we seek to incorporate our children as active participants in the whole life of the church, nurtured by the love and care of many faithful adults. We will give our children the opportunity to minister to others in ways that are consistent with their ages, developmental abilities, and spiritual gifts.

Whether it is in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Children's Christmas Party, Westminster Elementary Believers, or other events throughout the year, we will give our children opportunities to hear the message of God's love, a message that is harder to hear in a world that is getting busier and louder.

We believe our children are Disciples-In-Training and they serve Christ and the Kingdom now.

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